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Instead of trying to design a bench that was impervious to vandalism and wear and tear, the approach to this project was to design how it failed and make it as easy and affordable as possible to remedy.

The curved, bolted plywood “seat” panel provides lateral and structural support, reducing the requirement for metal bracing elements.
The plywood seat element can also be replaced easily as and when it perishes. This revised bench offers a greater variety of roles, orientations and seating arrangements.

Key Criteria in Train Station Seating
Expense Prohibitive cost of installation maintenance repair & replacement
Specialism Specialist skills tools or materials required to install or maintain
Space Required Physical footprint / bulk limits versatility of uses
Ground Prep Ground preparation necessary such as surface modification / anchoring
Hand-Luggage Travellers & Passengers often have hand-luggage of varying types and sizes
Theft Thieve’s can reach under / behind benches when owners are distracted by noise or observing train schedules
Vandalism Stations are often unmanned so easy targets for vandalism
Orientation Limited direction / facing options usually one direction only
Circulation Can inhibit platform circulation or form a solid physical barrier
Comfort Uncomfortable in inclement (cold or wet) weather

Train Station Bench: Construction